Sunday, November 25, 2007

Links for 2007-11-25

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

Enterprise Architecture: Home - Many organisations today are establishing an Enterprise Architecture (EA) business function. However the knowledge about enterprise architecture concepts, framework and processes within many organisations is still quite limited and at a low level of matu (tags: enterprise architecture)

COBIT Mapping: Mapping of TOGAF 8.1 With COBIT 4.0 - This document contains a detailed mapping of TOGAF 8.1 with COBIT 4.0 and also contains the classification of the standards discussed in this paper as presented in the overview document COBIT® Mapping: Overview of International IT Guidance, 2nd Edition. (tags: cobit architecture enterprise togaf framework)

MSDN Blog Postings » Posters, posters and again posters... - Here is a list of technology posters you can download (tags: posters diagram architecture)

CRM Watcher: Update WordMailMerge for Microsoft CRM 3.0 - The new version 2.64 of WordMailMerge for MS CRM 3.0 has some great new features in it. (tags: sharepoint crm)

Enterprise Architecture Overview Zachman framework - Enterprise Architecture Overview Zachman framework (tags: architecture framework zachman overview)

Putting Application In Offline Mode Using app_offline.htm - The Code Project - ASP.NET - has a feature that makes an application in the offline mode. In offline mode, does not serve any request made to the application. Instead it returned an error message, which can be customized, to the user. This feature uses a file called a (tags: offline error)

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