Sunday, March 26, 2006

Intranet 2.0

In the development of an Intranet there are several stages. Supplier Macaw has developed a model called the Portal Dimension model.

Stage 1: Intranet is used for basic information distributed top down, often by the IT- or communications department.

Stage 2: more interaction on the intranet, employees publish there own infomation, basic forms of collaboration, sharing of documents.

Stage 3: all business applications are integrated in the Intranet. Employees use the Intranet in their daily activities, the portalsite is the central starting point.

Stage 4: the final stage where intranet is an fully integrated part of the IT infrastructuur and therefore a business critical application of invaluable importance.

My assumption is that in my company we are now in the middle of Stage 3. Migrating all our applications to a Server based deployment model (Terminal Server/Citrix, Web based) and creating a Sharepoint portal will enable us to complete Stage 3 and enter Stage 4.

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Danny said...

Stage 3 seems quite optimistic to me!!


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