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Links for 2009-06-28

Oil painting assistant -
Oil Painting Assistant helps you produce oil paintings of images from a scanner, digital camera, or the web. With Oil Painting Assistant, you load in a digital image, crop it to fit your canvas, and adjust coloration to suit your tastes. It also applies a grid to the image so you can more accurately sketch on your canvas. The assistant then displays an analysis of the image showing what paints would be useful for the painting’s base coat. The analysis and grid-overlaid image can be displayed on your monitor while you paint, or printed on a color printer. more...
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EA Sport Grand slam tennis with WII Motion Plus

UPC speedtest

Did another test on a different time.

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Links for 2009-06-25

Improve performance of your webpages -
What would be possible if browsing the web was as fast as turning the pages of a magazine? We invite you to join us in exploring and innovating across the entire spectrum of performance - from Internet protocols to the browser to website development. Together, let's make the web faster! more...
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Links for 2009-06-23

eGovernment for Development - eGov Risk Assessment: Design-Reality Gaps -
A gap exists for all e-government projects between the design assumptions/requirements and the reality of the client public agency. The larger this gap between design and reality, the greater the risk that the project will fail. The risk assessment technique presented here asks you to rate the size of a set of design-reality gaps. more...
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Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit Team Blog -
Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit more...
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Load Balancing Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Links for 2009-06-19 IT Service Management SaaS - ITIL based ITSM Software ... - is the pioneer of On Demand IT Service Management. Combining ITIL v3 guidelines with Web 2.0 technology, we offer Software as a Service that is thoroughly modern in its delivery, price, and value. Approachable and attractive, integrated and complete, designed for the Global 2,000. You've never seen IT management done like this before... more...
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Links for 2009-06-16

Resource Rooms -
For a number of years people have been creating mailboxes to schedule conference room, equipment, etc.. in previous versions of Exchange a user could user Direct Booking a feature of Outlook and later Auto Attendant event sink to allow the functionality users needed.

Now Exchange 2007 has made drastic improvements and made managing resource quite easy. more...
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Links for 2009-06-14

P90X Advanced Excel Worksheets | Daily Fitness Tips from Extremely-Fit -
The P90X Advanced Excel Worksheets are nothing short of AWESOME. Don’t picture a boring spreadsheet with a few cells to type in. Do yourself a big favor, and download these worksheets. more...
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Links for 2009-06-09

OraTweet Ready for Flight | The AppsLab -
OraTweet provides you with everything you need to start micro-blogging inside the firewall (or anywhere really). The web front-end is built in APEX, and you can plug in IM/SMS integration. The API allows you to build native and RIA clients (think Adobe AIR) as well. It’s all in there, pretty much everything you’d expect, including the ability to post to Twitter. more...
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Links for 2009-06-03

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

Google’s Wave drowns out Microsoft’s Bing hype - The Next Web - Designed by the development team behind Google Maps, Wave is designed to be an evolution of email and IM. Wave allows groups to work together in the same web environment, throwing images, photos and videos into a shared conversation stream. The concept is essentially the same as a FriendFeed group, with the same realtime multimedia flow. However, while FriendFeed is geared up for threaded discussions similar to the bulletin boards of yore, Google Wave seems like it will be more suitable to an on-going teamworking environment. Interestingly, a ‘replay’ function is available, allowing the evolution of a conversation to be reviewed later more...
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