Saturday, June 29, 2002

Lotus Notes webform generator

Researching the webform generator I got a tip to look at LiSA.
LiSA is an IBM thing. I'm investigating the specifications. It looks like a IT Factory clone.I think I can compare it with Oracle Headstart but then for Lotus Notes. We will see. For futher details

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Bridging the gap between Perl and Lotus Notes.

Using existing webforms (created by or equivalent) and then migrate these to Lotus Notes.Can this be done ?. I hope so.
What I am trying to do :
1. Take a plain HTML page with a form definition in it.2. Import this with the Lotus Domino Import Service (can be downloaded on Lotus site )3. Refine in the Lotus Designer.
If this works I will try to take this a step further by making the form definition in Excel and then generate the HTML and import it.I want to build a datadictionary and generate from this.This process can no doubt be done by the Lotus API. Who has experience with this ?

Sunday, June 09, 2002

How simple things can be.

I wanted Personal File Editor to start with a filename automatically generated from the system date. I found a utlity that sets up a environment variable with the system date.Then I call PFE like C:\pfe\PFE32.EXE %datevar%.txt
End of problem but I think thre must be an easy way?


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