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List Web Part on behalf of Dynamics CRM 4 - Great news from the Microsoft Dynamics Team as well as anyone who uses Dynamics with SharePoint. They have just released their List Web Part on behalf of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (FREE) which provides all sorts of wonderful features that help you display CRM data inside a SharePoint page. more...
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How to bring TOGAF to life: How to develop a complete picture of an organization's baseline architecture for TOGAF - How to bring TOGAF to life The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a useful vehicle that Enterprise Architects can use to understand a business, envision a solution and govern its implementation. Even experienced users can find it cumbersome and the available tools seem to exaggerate the effort it demands, for insufficient return. This blog aims to give architects a chance to discuss some of the ways to bring TOGAF to life while developing enterprise-wide solutions for multi-national organizations. How to develop a complete picture of an organization's baseline architecture for TOGAF. more...
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SOA Design Patterns - In cooperation with experts and practitioners throughout the SOA community, best-selling author Thomas Erl brings together the de facto catalog of design patterns for SOA and service-orientation. more...
(tags: soa architecture patterns)

Enterprise Service Bus research - Report about ESB more...
(tags: ESB enterprise servicebus)

Service Oriented Achitecture, beyond the hype - Extensive whitepaper about SOA more...
(tags: archimate architecture soa)

Modelling architectures with Archimate
(tags: archimate architecture togaf)

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Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet - Standards for Record Management more...
(tags: RMS recordsmanagement remano)

Het gevoel van lekker werken - Mavim - Mavin Rules 2008 more...
(tags: BPM proces visio)

Model-DSP - Het Model-DSP is ontwikkeld voor en door Nederlandse gemeenten in samenwerking met Sdu Uitgevers en VHIC. Een onafhankelijke Raad van Advies garandeert de verankering van het Model-DSP in de gemeentelijke praktijk. more...
(tags: dms dsp gemeente)

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Calculating power consumption - Formula to calculate the power consumption in a data center more...
(tags: server power datacenter)

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FREE SHAREPOINT HOSTING : Free Online Group Collaborative Workspace - for free web based project management, free online document collaboration and free online group collaborative workspace. more...
(tags: free hosting sharepoint)

Point SharePoint: Sharepoint & Azure - In the Azure Services Platform, a number of developer services were mentioned including Microsoft SQL Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services & Microsoft SharePoint Services. Keep in mind that this not the same as Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 which shipped in Windows Server. Microsoft SharePoint Services is a developer service that will be available as part of Azure in the future. (Possibly the infrastructure on same line will be available for silveright in next version of sharepoint) more...
(tags: azure cloud microsoft)

REDFLY - Celio Corp’s REDFLY Mobile Companion is a wireless smartphone terminal with a large screen and full keyboard with no OS, no CPU, and no storage. REDFLY wirelessly attaches to your smartphone and lets you easily do email, read attachments, view web sites, and use applications that reside on your smartphone. By enabling anytime, anywhere full-screen access, REDFLY connects you to Web 2.0 and line of business applications that reside on your company network or the Internet. more...
(tags: gadgets mobile phone terminal)

Azure Services Platform - The Azure Services Platform provides a wide range of internet services that can be consumed from both on-premises environments or the internet. more...
(tags: azure cloud microsoft platform services windows)

Services - Windows Azure | Azure Services Platform - Windows® Azure is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment for the Azure Services Platform. Windows Azure provides developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage Web applications on the Internet through Microsoft® data centers. more...
(tags: architecture azure cloud microsoft windows)

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MSDN Spotlight! - Tech-Ed Developers 2007: The Irresistible Forces Meet the Moveable Objects more...
(tags: msdn presentation tech-ed)

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Email Archive and Backup for Outlook PST, Exchange and IMAP - MailStore Home enables you to backup all your email messages from multiple applications and accounts into one secure and persistent archive. Lightning-fast search, one-click backup, powerful export - all information from your email is at your fingertips anytime. Never lose important email again! more...
(tags: freeware mail mailmanagement toolbelt tools)

Understanding Effective Change Management - Effective change management becomes even more critical in a down economy, writes ITSM Watch columnist George Spafford of Pepperweed Consulting. The economy is in the doldrums, budgets are shrinking and management wants more accomplished. Not a good job-security recipe to say the least. In the middle of this quagmire there are still some fundamental principles that hold true. The change management process is critical at this time, more than ever, because studies have shown that 78%-80% of network availability problems stem from human error. more...
(tags: change itil management)

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The Data Center Journal - Where IT, Facilities and Design Meet - Re:42U Rack Power Estimation - Data Center Journal Forum
(tags: datacenter)

Home Page of Dr. Ravi Batra - What should we do? The current problem is not with banks and financial institutions, but in the housing market. So the remedy should be applied there and nowhere else. There should be a partial bailout of harried homeowners who cannot pay their mortgages. They should be penalized somewhat for their reckless borrowing but still rescued for the sake of the economy. If homeowners are able to make timely payments for their home loans, the banks will be paid and their loans will be secure. The banks will have a healthy balance sheet and will not need any rescue. The housing-market will also stabilize. If some banks still fail, then the FDIC will come to their rescue. The total cost of the home-owner bailout will be less than $500 billion, a fraction of what the government has promised to spend on its multifaceted bailouts—Bear Stearns, Freddie Mac, Fannie May, AIG and now the entire financial sector. more...
(tags: crisis financial)

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Google's Master Plan on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
(tags: google OS masterplan)

Steve Ballmer talks up the cloud

Steve Ballmer talks up the cloud

I couple of days ago I had a talk with one of the major IT consultancy companies in the Netherlands. When asked what I thought was one of the big trends in IT. Without hesitating I answered that in my opinion that was Cloud computing. It seems this trend is now really taking off.

When I was at the Google office a couple of years ago there was an interesting picture on a whiteboard in one of the meeting rooms. This picture was a visualisation of Google OS, long before the launch of Google Apps !.

So you could say that now Microsoft is coming on board as well we are heading to a new Operating System. Windows Cloud ?

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Data Center Design by PTS - Data Center Design by PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc. more...
(tags: datacenter)

Data Center Design - A blog dedicated to an open exchange of ideas relating to the design of data centers & computer rooms. more...
(tags: datacenter)

ROI calculator - VMware ROI calculator more...
(tags: ROI calculator)

The Data Center Journal - Where IT, Facilities and Design Meet - Home
(tags: datacenter)
(tags: datacenter standards TIA-942)
(tags: datacenter standards TIA TR942)

"Cloud Computing." Newest buzz words or next greatest tech revolution? | CompuFiciency = Applied CompuTelligence - Very simply, cloud computing is doing what you normally do on your PC without needing to be at your PC. How? By using a web browser and “Software as a Service” (SaaS) to log in to some remote site, open your files, edit, create, etc… and then save, print, send, etc. more...
(tags: cloud SaaS)

Voice Over IP, Free Phone, Internet Telephone, Online PBX
(tags: voip)

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Security Development Lifecycle - The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) is the industry-leading software security assurance process. A Microsoft-wide initiative and a mandatory policy since 2004, SDL has played a critical role in embedding security and privacy into Microsoft software and culture. Combining a holistic and practical approach, SDL introduces security and privacy early and throughout the development process. It has led Microsoft to measurable and widely recognized security improvements in flagship products such as Windows Vista and SQL Server. As part of its commitment to supporting a more secure and trustworthy computing ecosystem, Microsoft is making SDL process guidance, tools and training available for every developer. more...
(tags: security)

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October 2007 Microsoft launched this product , but I came across it recently through the MS download notification newsletter which a receive every saturday.

What is it ?

With HealthVault MS has created a platform for registration your medical data. You can decide to share this data with your doctor etc. This data can also be collected from all kind of devices like bloodpressure meters etc. by means of a HealthVault Desktop application.

The service is only offered in the US at the moment. I predict that this service will be very populair based on the success of products like the Nintendo Wii Fit.


Of course Google has a similar product, called GoogleHealth. I almost signed up untill I saw the User agreement.

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Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet - New Variable Data Printing Solution Ricoh’s Dataworks³ more...
(tags: ricoh VDP)

Ten Key Technologies for Lean Process Improvement - Lean techniques focus on process cycle efficiency (PCE) as a measure of process execution speed, the first step in understanding how a function works, according to Michael L. George, author of the book Lean Six Sigma. more...
(tags: BPM Lean proces)

Business Rules Platform Nederland
(tags: BRM businessrules)

CodeProject: The new reporting horizons with Microsoft Reporting Services 2005. Free source code and programming help - One of these options is the great ability to use one ore more WebServices as a data source. Unfortunately, the Help which comes with MSDN and the MS SQL Server 2005 books is not clear enough and the Help has a few printed mistakes. These mistakes make the developer's life hard, and the developer might end up spending a lot of hours to solve problems. Therefore, this article intends to share my knowledge about this wonderful opportunity which Microsoft Reporting Services 2005 offers us and save your time. more...
(tags: SOA soap outputmanagement reporting services webservice)

How to create a sample application that uses the Reporting Services SOAP APIs to render a report to a selected file format on a Web page - How to create a sample application that uses the Reporting Services SOAP APIs to render a report to a selected file format on a Web page more...
(tags: SOA pdf reporting services)
(tags: fiery printer)

Service Orientatie en ICT - Dik Bijl
(tags: ict SOA architecture)

Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, ToC, TPM, RCM, WCM, POLCA:  Welke methode past het beste bij mijn bedrijf? - is het enige volledig onafhankelijke (!) kennisplatform over bedrijfsproces-verbetermethodes zoals Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, QRM, TPM, RCM & WCM. Initiatiefnemer is business-journalist Dr Ir Jaap van Ede. Uniek is, dat bijna alle informatie bestaat uit (objectieve) vakbladartikelen en praktijkvoorbeelden! more...
(tags: BPM architecture)

Microsoft Executive Circle - Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Deel 1 - Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Van business-strategie tot technologie more...
(tags: SOA architecture)

RFC 4408 - Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for Authorizing Use of Domains in E-Mail, Version 1
(tags: dns mail spam spf)

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SAP Enterprise Services Architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - SAP Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (Enterprise SOA) has been defined by SAP as "an open architecture for adaptive business solutions". Enterprise SOA is enabled by the SAP NetWeaver platform, and builds on the benefits of Web services. SAP has positioned Enterprise SOA to deliver the benefits offered by service-oriented architecture, including enabling both flexibility and business efficiency. SAP state that Enterprise SOA provides companies with a "cost-effective blueprint for composing innovative new applications by extending existing systems, while maintaining a level of flexibility that makes future process changes cost-effective"[ more...
(tags: architecture ESA SOA)

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IVC Software Factory for ACORD Standards - Home - The IVC Software Factory for ACORD Standards is a set of development tools and assets that utilize the Microsoft .NET Framework to aid insurance firms and software vendors in the integration of existing applications and business logic with ACORD web servi more...
(tags: architecture insurance ACORD)

IBM Insurance Application Architecture - Are you looking to speed deployment of insurance applications? In an effort to reduce the time needed for companies to develop viable enterprise-wide software solutions, IBM developed the Insurance Application Architecture (IAA). more...
(tags: architecture framework)

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SOA Governance Success Stories - Insights and examples from companies who have gone down the SOA Governance path more...
(tags: SOA governance architecture)

The Architecture of Services
(tags: SOA architecture)

Data Access Technologies
(tags: SOA architecture)

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Service-oriented modeling and architecture - This article discusses the highlights of service-oriented modeling and architecture more...
(tags: SOA architecture webservices)

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CODit: Your Integration Partner
(tags: generator pdf)

Biztalk 24 * 7 HOME - Biztalk 24 * 7 is an attempt by a Microsoft Biztalk server enthusiast Saravana kumar to put pointers to all the available resources for Biztalk under one roof. The left hand side navigations shows a glance of what you can get, I hope you got the idea. By the time of first release in January 2007 there were around 350 unique external BizTalk links. The site also features a special search engine designed for searching biztalk resources (Explained in detail later) using Windows Live Search and a special aggregator for BizTalk blogs more...
(tags: biztalk microsoft)

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Live Mesh Tech Preview - Live Mesh puts you at the center of your digital world, seamlessly connecting you to the people, devices, programs, and information you care aboutâ€" available wherever you happen to be. more...
(tags: microsoft live mesh)

Brian Loesgen's Blog
(tags: architecture ESB microsoft)

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Introduction to the Windows Workflow Foundation Rules Engine - This article provides an overview of the rules engine capabilities in Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). It describes how conditions and RuleSets are used in WF and discusses the behavior of collections of rules, including forward chaining and tracking and more...
(tags: BRMS businessrules engine)

Invoking LiveCycle ES Using Web Services
(tags: webservices outputmanagement PDF/A adobe)
(tags: recordsmanagement RM standards)

PDF/A Competence Center [] - Welcome to the homepage of the PDF/A Competence Center, a cooperation between numerous world-leading companies and experts in PDF technology. The aim of the PDF/A Competence Center is to promote the exchange of information and experience in the area of lo more...
(tags: PDF/A outputmanagement archiving architecture standards)

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Output Service API Quick Starts - more...
(tags: architecture webservices outputmanagement)

Thoughts and experiences of an enterprise architect
(tags: architecture EA)

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog : CRM 4.0 User’s Guide now available in PDF and Word - As more than 4,000 of you out there have already discovered, we recently released a User’s Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 User’s Guide includes all of the basic end-user information available in Help, including d more...
(tags: crm4.0 manual microsoft)

EFI Fiery Platform Drives New Ricoh Production Printer; Top Speed, Quality and Powerful VDP Increase Customers' ROI
(tags: ricoh) - Article - Ricoh Pro C900: Ricoh's Full Color Production Powerhouse
(tags: ricoh)

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thinktecture - WSCF - Web Services Contract First - There has been a lot of buzz around contract-first Web Services design & development lately. A number of people think that it is a good thing and that we finally should reach a state where we all can live and breath it. But most people have been complaini more...
(tags: webservice architecture WSCF WSDL tool)

WSCF - WSDL Wizard Quickstart: Create data and message schema, generate WSDL interface contract and generate code from WSDL - WSCF - Web services Contract-First, for real Create data and message schema, design WSDL interface contract and generate code from WSDL more...
(tags: WSDL architecture visual studio)

open-esb: Home - Project Open ESB implements an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) runtime using Java Business Integration as the foundation. This allows easy integration of web services to create loosely coupled enterprise class composite applications. more...
(tags: architecture ea ESB opensource)

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Web Services Interface Design, Proven Techniques - jSoup Software - Web Services interface design can seem deceptively simple. Many tools for building Web services can automatically generate a service from existing application code. While code generation accelerates development, taking design shortcuts by directly exposin more...
(tags: architecture webservice standards naming conventions)

Welcome to the WS-I Organization's Web site
(tags: architecture webservice standards naming conventions)

Enterprise Abstraction
(tags: EA architecture)

Enterprise Abstraction: Service naming standards
(tags: webservice naming conventions architecture SOA)

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Downloadinformatie: KB940157: Windows Search 4.0 voor Windows XP - Met WS4 kunt u directe zoekacties op uw computer uitvoeren. Met WS4 kunt u documenten, e-mailberichten, muziekbestanden, foto's en andere items op uw computer zoeken en voorbeelden ervan weergeven. Lees artikel KB940157 in de Knowledge Base voor een volle more...
(tags: WDS search microsoft)

Get It Now - The latest version of Windows Search for the desktop and the enterprise delivers fast search capabilities for files, e-mail, documents, and more, provides performance enhancements and support for enterprise-critical features, and is easy to manage and ext more...
(tags: wds search windows)

Michael O'Donovan's SharePoint and Stuff
(tags: sharepoint msdn)

Michael O'Donovan's SharePoint and Stuff : How to add presence/pawn to SharePoint contacts list
(tags: sharepoint presence)

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Download details: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2008 Extensions, Version 1.2 - Tools for developing custom SharePoint applications: Visual Studio project templates for Web Parts, site definitions, and list definitions; and a stand-alone utility program, the SharePoint Solution Generator. The User Guide for this tool can be found more...
(tags: sharepoint visual studio)

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Overheidsservicebus: OSB - Ontwikkelingen binnen de elektronische overheid zitten in een stroomversnelling. De dienstverlening naar burgers en bedrijven neemt sterk toe. Hierdoor groeit de noodzaak van samenwerking tussen overheidsinstellingen en vindt er steeds meer informatie-uit more...
(tags: architecture)

implementation scenarios for Microsoft UDDI Services in Windows Server 2003. - This white paper describes three implementation scenarios for Microsoft UDDI Services in Windows Server 2003. Each scenario includes a general description of typical business challenges faced in the enterprise and explores how UDDI Services can effectivel more...
(tags: UDDI)

SOA@Oracle BPEL & ESB: Using ANT in a BPEL environment - Oracle’s scalable application architecture in combination with the BPEL architecture combines the best elements to create a high available and high performance environment. Using tools to develop BPEL applications can be very complex when multiple envir more...
(tags: ESB OTAP build)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Internet speedtest

Now and then you want to measure your internet speed.

I stumbled upon this site and read some good reviews about it.

Here are the results of my UPC connection.

Update 28-6-2009

Ugraded UPC to 30 Mbps. Used to check speed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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Articles by Henry Newman , Storage consultant
(tags: storage archiving)

ScanFlowStore® :: Create archives quickly, easily at the press of a button...
(tags: scanflowstore xerox scanning archive)

SOA Governance

SOA Governance

The purpose of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance is to ensure that the investments in SOA deployments made by the organization deliver the anticipated benefits both in the short term and throughout their entire lifetime. SOA is intended to be a long-term architecture, so it is reasonable to expect that some of the resources being deployed now will be in use for decades.

SOA governance therefore entails design-time procedures and best practices that deliver services with the best business fit, and with due consideration to the reuse of services by subsequent projects.

Key issues:

  • SOA cannot be planned and implemented by IT on its own, but must be a collaborative effort between business and IT.
  • Technology-driven SOA projects are unlikely to enjoy the degree of reuse that SOA should enable, due to the lack of emphasis on designing services around business fit.
  • Although supporting technologies will be needed, it is more important to put in place the organizational structure and to ensure the right people are put in the right roles.
  • The resources dedicated to SOA governance need to be kept proportionate to the extent of the SOA deployment, the rate of change experienced, and the degree of risk to which it is exposed.

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Free PRINCE Software from PROJECT in a Box - Used in 130 countries and by over 20,000 users Community Edition is the most popular personal PRINCE2 system available. Providing powerful PRINCE2 support for the new Practitioner transitioning from training to real projects. more...
(tags: prince2)

prince2 projectmanagement implemented in Sharepoint
(tags: prince2 sharepoint)

Mike Spain's Prince2 Tube Map - proces diagram more...
(tags: prince2)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision - Dynamics User Group
(tags: navision NAV microsoft forum)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog : Using Web Services to Access Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0
(tags: navision microsoft nav)

Navigate into success
(tags: NAV navision microsoft)

David Singleton's Navision Blog
(tags: NAV navision microsoft)

(tags: NAV navision microsoft howto)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV product information - Use the links on this page to get details about the features, capabilities and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision). See how it can help you automate, integrate, and better manage finances, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturi more...
(tags: NAV microsoft navision)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog : Publishing a Newsletter in Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Publishing a Newsletter in Microsoft Dynamics CRM more...
(tags: crm mscrm4.0 microsoft)

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Community Clips - Welcome to Microsoft Office Labs! This site is a proving ground for ideas that come from regular employees and interns who work anywhere in Microsoft. Most of the code prototypes are developed by the Office Labs team in partnership with the teams that more...
(tags: sharepoint clips toolbelt community howto learning training tutorial video)

Microsoft Office labs. Try. Experience. Discuss. - Welcome to Microsoft Office Labs! This site is a proving ground for ideas that come from regular employees and interns who work anywhere in Microsoft. Most of the code prototypes are developed by the Office Labs team in partnership with the teams that m more...
(tags: microsoft labs office)

navision architecture Integration Guide 1.2
(tags: NAV navision microsoft)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for financial management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides accounting and finance solutions to help you track and analyze your business information. With end-to-end integration, you can efficiently manage your general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, analytical accounting, more...
(tags: nav navision microsoft)

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FMC - FMC Stencils - Visio Shapes for the Fundamental Modeling Concepts - The FMC Stencils are templates and extensions to existing general purpose drawing applications like Visio or OpenOffice Drawing. This offers basic tools support for creating Fundamental Modeling Concpets (FMC) diagrams like Block diagrams, Petri nets and more...
(tags: visio fmc stencils)

FMC - Home of Fundamental Modeling Concepts - The Fundamental Modeling Concepts (FMC) primarily provide a framework for the comprehensive description of software-intensive systems. It is based on a precise terminology and supported by a graphical notation which can be easily understood. Modeling we c more...
(tags: vidio modelling fmc)

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Links for 2008-05-27

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(tags: EA architecture framework)

Microsoft Visio Toolbox
(tags: visio tutorial)

Forms Authentication Across Applications - ASP.NET supports forms authentication in a distributed environment, either across applications on a single server or in a Web farm. When forms authentication is enabled across multiple ASP.NET applications, users are not required to re-authenticate when s more...
(tags: security forms authentication fba)

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Sharepoint integration in Decos
(tags: sharepoint dms decos scanning)

(tags: sharepoint dms scanning)

Decos eindigt bovenaan in onderzoek naar DMS Leadscentraal - Decos Software Engineering levert de beste document managementoplossing, zo blijkt uit een vergelijkend onderzoek van Wouter Keller. Het document managementsysteem van Decos wordt met name positief beoordeeld op het gebied van gebruiksvriendelijkheid en r more...
(tags: decos dms sharepoint scanning)

DMS DMScentraal - Document Management Systeem (DMS) Nieuws van Nederland - is al het grootste onafhankelijke informatieplatform over software voor Document Management Systemen (DMS). Wij bieden u een compleet nieuwsoverzicht voor Nederland en Vlaanderen op dit gebied, wat u inzicht geeft in de leveranciers, partne more...
(tags: dms scanning ocr)

Orion ScanIT for MS SharePoint 2003 and 2007, scan all your documents into MOSS / SharePoint - The ORION Scan for MS SharePoint (2003 & 2007) software has been developed specifically to enable customers to add scanned documents fast and efficiently to Microsoft® SharePoint® libraries and/or portals. more...
(tags: scanning sharepoint dms ocr)

Sharepoint document imaging software - SearchExpress/SharePoint document imaging software lets you use a scanner or digital copier to scan, OCR, index and route documents to different Microsoft® SharePoint sites and folders. more...
(tags: sharepoint scanning microsoft ocr dms)

Websio - SharePoint Scanner Plug-in for MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 > - Scan documents into SharePoint document library! more...
(tags: scanning dms MOSS2007 sharepoint)

The Hotfix - Vista SP1, XP SP3, IE8, Home Server, and more! - Home - Hotnews about Microsoft and Windows more...
(tags: microsoft hotfixes architecture)

Feature checklist document scanning

  1. Unlimited number of scans
  2. Unlimited scanning speed (20 -> 250 ppm)
  3. Import files from CD/DVD
  4. Import files from directory or network location
  5. Import files from copier or multi-function with scan function
  6. Automatic importing (Watched Folder support)
  7. Single- and double sided scanning (simplex/duplex)
  8. Unattended (one-button) scanning support
  9. Network scanning support
  10. ISIS scanning support
  11. Kofax VRS scanning support
  12. Color, B&W and grayscale scanning
  13. Automatic image enhancement
  14. Image manipulation (zoom, rotate, etc)
  15. Blank page recognition and removal
  16. Support for rescanning or adding documents
  17. Batch-level barcode recognition
  18. Page-level barcode recognition
  19. Multiple barcode recognition per page
  20. Display of barcode values
  21. Automatic document splitting into partials / regions
  22. Automatic page splitting
  23. Continues / non-stop scanning
  24. Varying number of pages per document
  25. Automatic OCR text recognition (128 languages)
  26. OCR text recognition on document zones
  27. Unrestricted definition of index fields
  28. Manual Index data-entry
  29. Default value definition for index fields
  30. Drop-down listboxes definition for index fields
  31. Validatie mask definition for index fields
  32. Check-boxes definition for index fields
  33. Database lookups on own databases definition for index fields
  34. Direct access to SharePoint fields, such as choice and list/lookup fields
  35. Automatic indexing
  36. Indexing fully keyboard controlled
  37. Multiple index/metadata sets per document
  38. Convert document to TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or Searchable PDF
  39. Export indexes/metadata to XML or CSV
  40. Export indexes/data to SQL database
  41. Scan to CD/DVD for distributie
  42. Scan to printer
  43. Scan to e-mail
  44. Send to multiple tagets in one release
  45. Send to local directory
  46. Send to network directory
  47. Send to ftp / sftp server
  48. Send to http / https server
  49. Send to external DMS / WFM systems
  50. Send to MS SharePoint Server 2003
  51. Send to MS SharePoint Server 2007

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IASA - Home - The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) is the premier association focused on the architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education while delivering programs and services to IT architects of all levels aro more...
(tags: architecture)

Bubbles versus iceberg

Architects think in bubbles



Developers see only the tip of the iceberg.



Friday, May 16, 2008

Links for 2008-05-16

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

Livelink ECM 10 - Open Text Corporation - Livelink ECM 10 is Open Text’s comprehensive and integrated content management offering that comprises the entire range of content management capabilities required to address the key challenges facing organizations today. more...
(tags: ecm DMS archiving)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Links for 2008-05-12

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

Enterprise architecture framework en methodology
(tags: architecture EA framework)

ReferenceArchitecture - SOA-RM Wiki - This is the public Wiki page for the OASIS Reference Architecture for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA-RA). more...
(tags: SOA-RA SOA OASIS architecture)

Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture v1.0
(tags: architecture OASIS SOA-RM)

integration reference architecture example
(tags: SOA-RM architecture OASIS)

Conceptual integration reference architecture example
(tags: soa architecture)

The SOA Architect - To understand the role of the architect for SOA first consider the ANSI/IEEE definition that "Architecture is defined by the recommended practice as the fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relationships to each other an more...
(tags: SOA architecture)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Links for 2008-05-11

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

Download details: SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins for Office 2007 - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2007 (Data Mining Add-ins) allow you take advantage of SQL Server 2005 predictive analytics in Office Excel 2007 and Office Visio 2007. The download includes the following components: more...
(tags: visio datamining sqlserver)

Programmatically generating HTML visualizations of models using DM Add-ins - This tip shows you how to leverage the programmability component of the Visio DM Add-in to render a model as an interactive web page from your app. more...
(tags: visio datawarehouse datamining)

BizTalk, Toronto and PK : A Web based version of the BizTalk Rules Composer - As part of a proof-of-concept ,somebody developed a web based application to show that the BizTalk Business Rules could be created and managed via a Web Application instead of through the standard Business Rules Composer tool that MS provides out of the b more...
(tags: biztalk microsoft)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM UK Blog - CRM news and views from Simon Hutson more...
(tags: sharepoint crm mscrm4.0)


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