Sunday, November 04, 2007

Links for 2007-11-04

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

OpenSocial - Google Code - The web is more interesting when you can build apps that easily interact with your friends and colleagues. But with the trend towards more social applications also comes a growing list of site-specific APIs that developers must learn. OpenSocial provide (tags: google opensocial api)

Bill Gates: SharePoint Conference 2006 - Remarks by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation "Connecting People, Process and Information" SharePoint Conference 2006 Bellevue, Washington May 15, 2006 (tags: sharepoint microsoft)

People-Ready Business Home - People _ready. Having the right software and tools can empower your people to work more efficiently, minimize costs, and create a competitive edge for the company. (tags: people_ready microsoft)

Microsoft Office Live Small Business - Microsoft Office Online (tags: free microsoft office live)

Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization: Technologies - Solutions for Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization are based on Unified Communications and Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management technologies. Read how these technologies can help your business meet the demands of the new world of w (tags: microsoft people_ready infrastructure optimization io)

The Future of Information Work - Personal Space of Daniel W. Rasmus, futurist at Microsoft (tags: architecture future vision microsoft knowledge KM)

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