Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vista upgrade

Vista install issues

Upgrade mode

Initially I performed an upgrade of the UK version. This halted during the installation on reading the install files. I didn't notice then which file was in error, probably the install.wim. After trying the installation for 3 to 4 times I suddenly progressed and finished the installation.

Should have deinstalled Windows XP Powertoys

In my case the errors were caused by 2 references in the startup programs to Winter Wallpaper Changer. Removing these did the job.

Status: Fixed

Should have deinstalled Sonic DLA driver

Patch available at

Patch download link;l=en&s=gen

Status: Fixed

Should have deinstallled Nero

Deinstalled Nero 6.6

Which version is supported on Vista

Status: fixed

Ximeta NDAS driver (for my external USB disk) must be upgraded
Status: Fixed

Hotplugging USB stick freezes the PC completely

- USB /U3 memory sticks not compatible ? Seems a normal USB stick works fine, a Sandisk Cruzer with U3 Launchpad 1.4 freezes the system. (1.4. is advertized as the Vista capable version)

A different model USB stick (without U3) caused no problems

Status: Not fixed

Cisco VPN client doesn't work anymore.

Found beta with Vista support. Can't deinstall old VPN client. ???

After the Fresh install of Vista I followed following steps.

Installed beta version v

Installation OK . Imported .pcf profile. Got error 402. Solved bij running the VPN client as an administrator. Got connection. Working OK.

Was caused by the new Vista protection of the Program files directory.

Status: Fixed


Found new location for VPN client

PS Alternative ??

Alternatively, if you are the administrator, have you considered the SSL VPN Client? Much easier to use and all it requires is Java be installed on the users system. If you are not the Network Administrator, have you checked with them to see if they have the SSL VPN Client enabled on the concentrator for use? It's a 10 minute process to set it up for anyone who knows what they are doing.

Update graphics driver

My Dell GX620 has a Radeon X600.

Status : Fixed

Widcomm Bluetooth

Bluetooth USB adapter is not working anymore after upgrading. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor indicates that their is an update available.

Update is checking if device is present, complaining that it is not!

Status: Not fixed

Webcam driver not supported

Philips webcam PCVC680K not supported anymore. Couldn't find an updated driver.

Update: 18-6-2007
Received tip (see comment) to install Windows 2003 drivers. It works.!2578432CFED5E9D5!213.entry

Status: Fixed

Fresh install


Backupped all my important stuff
Picasa Backup to external harddisk
Ran Windows Easy Transfer - > for my user only
Backup to exernal harddisk


Both the UK and NL install DVD's seem to have a problem with reading the install.wim file. Some Googling and this seems to be a frequent problem.

Copying the contents of the DVD to the harddisk halted on the copy of install.wim

Initially I performed an upgrade of the UK version. This halted also during the installation on reading the install files. I didn't notice then which file was in error, probably also the install.wim.

Caused by faulty DVD burner which produced defective DVD's

Status: Fixed

PS The build number that went RTM is 6000.16386.061101-2205.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

OctaGate SiteTimer

Web Monitor allows you to monitor how long it takes for a user to download one or more of your web site pages.

OctaGate SiteTimer


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