Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 in het kort - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is een volledig geïntegreerd CRM-systeem (Customer Relationship Management). Met Dynamics CRM krijgt u een helder beeld van uw klanten, vanaf het eerste contact tot aan hun aankopen en het aftersales-traject. Dankzij deze busin (tags: microsoft mscrm4.0 crm license)

Avaya IP Softphone Release 6 User Reference - Avaya IP Softphone Release 6 User Reference (tags: avaya voip pops CTI)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Links for 2008-02-25

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SharePoint Solution Generator - part 1: create a site definition from an existing site - Serge van den Oever [Macaw] - The SharePoint Solution Generator is a stand-alone application that can convert Wss3 web (SPWeb) into a Visual Studio 2005 site definition project that can be compiled into a SharePoint solution for deployment into your SharePoint farm. (tags: sharepoint solution deployment)

JOPX on SharePoint 2007 (MOSS and WSS V3 ), Office and SOA: WSP - SharePoint Solution Files - The best way to do this, is to create a SharePoint solution file - this is basically a cabinet file with the wsp extension. This WSP file can be used to deploy web parts, template files, assemblies, code access security policies, site definitions or feat (tags: sharepoint deployment solutions)

Creating a Sharepoint Solution - A solution package is a cabinet (.cab) file with a .wsp file name extension and a manifest file. (tags: sharepoint deployment)

Step-by-Step Guide for File Server Resource Manager in Windows Server 2008 - Test Scenarios for File Server Resource Manager Articles Introduction to File Server Resource Manager Using File Server Resource Manager Working with Quotas Screening Files Generating Storage Reports Backing up File Server Resource Manager (tags: microsoft windowsserver2008)

Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization and Streaming - Server growth is a costly issue for organizations that rely on terminal services. To avoid post-installation application conflicts, applications must be tested up front to determine which applications will collide and, therefore, must be separated and run (tags: microsoft terminal services ts softgrid virtualization applications)

Microsoft Forefront Client Security: Key Benefits (tags: security microsoft forefront malware)

Group Policy Preferences Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - This page addresses key areas of Group Policy preferences. (tags: microsoft policy gpo preferences)

How to Transition from Single Forest to Single Forest - This topic explains how to transition from an existing single forest Microsoft Exchange topology to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. You can transition from the following Exchange organizations to Exchange 2007: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 organizati (tags: exchange exchange2003 exchange2007 upgrade)

Coexisting with Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server - Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 can be deployed in an Active Directory directory service forest that has an existing messaging system. You have a coexistence scenario if the following conditions are true: Exchange 2007 is deployed in an existing Exchang (tags: exchange microsoft upgrade exchange2003 exchange2007)

Upgrading to Exchange 2007 - Upgrading to Exchange 2007 (tags: exchange upgrade microsoft)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

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Upgrading the Claims Process through Predictive Modeling - Founded in 1895, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) is a full-service national trade association serving the property/casualty insurance industry with more than 1,400 member companies that underwrite more than 40 percent of the (tags: predictive modeling fraude prevention architecture insurance)

Stichting CIS - Het doel van Stichting Centraal Informatie Systeem voor in Nederland werkzame verzekeringsmaatschappijen (CIS) is het behartigen van de gemeenschappelijke belangen van de deelnemers inzake het voorkomen en bestrijden van verzekeringsfraude alsmede het uit (tags: insurance architecture fish fraude prevention)

Krammer Software - De makers van Facts! - Hét Programma voor de Registratie van Incidenten en Dossiers - Krammer Software is het bedrijf achter Facts! en de VerzekeringsRing. (tags: insurance fraude fish architecture)

Community Kit for SharePoint - Release: IEE Forms Based Authentication Solution - The CKS:Internet/Extranet Edition is pleased to announce the first pre-Beta release of its Forms Based Authentication solution. This solution contains the following features: Automated Solution Deployment - Zac Smith Membership request webpart (incl (tags: sharepoint fba user provisioning codeplex) - The scripts and cmdlets included in the SPSolutionsSharePointCommands snap-in for Microsoft PowerShell provide several SharePoint 2007 administration utilities. (tags: sharepoint powershell fba provisioning)

Janne Mattila's blog : CRM 4.0, SharePoint and ASP.NET Trace - Framework gives you nice set of features that you can use without writing a single line of code. ASP.NET Trace is one of them. I know that it's nothing new but I think that it's still used mainly in custom ASP.NET applications. But if you work with produc (tags: sharepoint .net trace crm4.0 crm)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

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Download details: Unified Communications Enhanced Presence Schemas for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 - The Unified Communications Enhanced Presence Schemas are intended for application developers who are interested in publishing or subscribing to enhanced presence within the Microsoft unified communications application framework while maintaining interoper (tags: presence sharepoint unified communications uc)

Download details: Office SharePoint Server 2007 DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit - The DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit provides tools and guidance for evaluating additional features and functionality which has enabled SharePoint Server 2007 to be DoD 5015.2 Chapter 2 compliant. At the end of the evaluation you should engage a qualified partner (tags: sharepoint governance microsoft)

Download details: SharePoint Templates: Preformatted document libraries for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007 - Add preformatted document libraries to your Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 site. Each library is configured with a Microsoft Office Word 2007 template that generates a new document and binds data in th (tags: sharepoint templates libraries)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Links for 2008-02-22

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Download details: Office Communications Server 2007 Document: Enterprise Voice Planning and Deployment Guide - This document provides information to help you plan and deploy Enterprise Voice in your Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 infrastructure. (tags: microsoft uc voip)

Download details: Integrating Telephony with Office Communications Server 2007 - This paper details for our customers, partners and the industry at large the approach that we have defined and the various programs that we are putting in place to support this strategy. (tags: microsoft uc VOIP)

How To Extend Wildcard People Search on MOSS 2007 - SharePoint BUZZ - Ramon Scott just posted on his blog on how to perform wildcard people search on MOSS 2007. His script example, shows how to search for First Name and Last Name. After reading some of the comments, many were wondering how to implement search on additiona (tags: sharepoint searchengine search people)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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RFC 3966 (rfc3966) - The tel URI for Telephone Numbers - This document specifies the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) scheme "tel". The "tel" URI describes resources identified by telephone numbers. This document obsoletes RFC 2806. (tags: URI RFC standards tel voip)

Avaya - IP Softphone Overview - IP Softphone (tags: avaya uc unified communications voip) and MOSS Collaboration Distillery: BlackPearl MOSS Governance Case Study - MOSS 2007 has given us tons new features and functionality to assist with governance of content. The following site is a good resource to become familiar with MOSS Governance. However the out of the box functionality can fall short specifically in terms o (tags: sharepoint workflow k2 blackpearl)

About Us | Current Analysis - Current Analysis provides Competitive Response solutions that enable companies to effectively anticipate and counter competitive threats, and win more business. This is achieved through the rapid delivery of tactical, actionable intelligence to help fast- (tags: architecture analysis trends)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

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SharePoint Document Workflow with Visual Studio Workshop Documents Download - It is well established that Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) is an industry leading platform for Collaboration at the enterprise and team levels. What may not be as well known is that MOSS 2007 is also a powerful Application Platform fo (tags: sharepoint workflow howto microsoft MOSS2007)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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What is SOA, really? - The good news is, you probably already know. The bad news is, you probably know too much. This article describes Service Oriented Architecture in a simple and easy to understand way that is devoid of buzzwords and vendor spin. It’s the introduction to S (tags: SOA architecture development service)

Loosely Coupled Thinking : More Thoughts on SOA and the SO Design Tenets - SOA is an architectural approach to creating systems built from autonomous services. With SOA, integration becomes forethought rather than afterthought - the end solution is likely to be composed of services developed in different programming languages, (tags: SOA architecture patterns services)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Download details: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Implementation Guide - This guide contains comprehensive information about how to plan, install, and maintain Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. (tags: microsoft crm4.0 crm)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow Features Improve How You Share and Manage Data - InterDynBMI - Streamline and fine-tune your business processes and keep everyone connected to each other and the information they need. Microsoft Dynamicsâ„¢ CRM (formerly Microsoft CRM) adds advanced workflow capabilities, from a wizard that empowers your team to crea (tags: microsoft mscrm4.0 crm)

Mark Minasi's Reader Forum - New features for CRM 4.0 - Microsoft CRM 4.0 Partner briefing explained that MSCRM does not include glaring new features, but IMHO there are quite a few. (tags: mscrm4.0 microsoft crm)

InternetNews Realtime IT News â€" Vista SP1, Windows 2008 'Released to Manufacturing' - Microsoft announced this week it has released both Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows Server 2008 to manufacturing â€" the final stage before a product actually gets into users' hands. (tags: microsoft windowsserver2008 vista)

InternetNews Realtime IT News â€" Vista SP1 Leaked on BitTorrent - Most users and partners will have to wait until mid-March to gets their mitts on Windows Vista Service Pack 1's (SP1) "golden" bits, but BitTorrent aficionados already have them available for download. (tags: microsoft windowsserver2008)

Neil Hutson - Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 for developers : Microsoft Server and Tools support for Windows Server 2008 - What will support Windows Server 2008 at RTM? (tags: windowsserver2008 microsoft support)

Windows Vista Help: Optimize Windows Vista for better performance - No matter how fast or shiny computers might be when they are new, they all seem to get slower over time. That state-of-the-art PC you bought last year might not feel like such a screamer after you install a dozen programs, load it with antispyware and ant (tags: microsoft vista performance)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Links for 2008-02-05

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM @ Joris Kalz's WebLog : CRM 4.0 RTM VPC, Tools and Sample Data - Thanks to Michael Rich the new VPC Image is now available as a download. In addition there is a great demonstration tool, which helps you to prepare your demo environment and demo data. The VPC image is a one computer setup including Microsoft CRM 4.0 and (tags: microsoft crm crm4.0 titan)

Microsoft Workflow Foundation - February 4, 2008 | - Microsoft Workflow Foundation Primer (tags: microsoft workflow)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

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» At last, a formula for estimating SOA costs | Service-Oriented Architecture | - How can you go about figuring out how much an SOA project will really cost you? Dave Linthicum recently posted some guidelines on estimating the cost of a service-oriented architecture project. (tags: SOA calculation ROI) - calculating SOA return on investment (ROI). (tags: SOA ROI architecture)

SOA Costs and ROI - calculating SOA return on investment (ROI). (tags: SOA architecture calculation ROI)

Displaying Microsoft CRM Business Data in SharePoint Web Parts - Learn how to build portals and dashboards in SharePoint sites by using Web Parts that display Microsoft CRM data. This article accompanies a sample Visual Studio .NET solution that contains sample Web Parts for a Customer Service Portal. This article incl (tags: sharepoint crm)

Microsoft expands multi-tenant push with CRM 4.0 launch | Community - Dynamics CRM seems like a me-too move by Microsoft. CRM software is, after all, the poster child that has long sinced proved software-as-a-service can succeed. The multi-tenant architecture of Microsoft's product, which began a global roll-out yesterday, (tags: microsoft crm crm4.0)

Yahoo a mere front end for Microsoft hosted apps? | InfoWorld | News | 2008-02-01 | By Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service - While dealing logistically and technically with their overlapping online offerings will certainly prove troublesome if its bid to purchase Yahoo succeeds, Microsoft will at least have an immediate outlet for bringing more of its traditional desktop portfo (tags: microsoft trends roadmap)

New bugzilla release 3.1.3

Today the Bugzilla project team released the latest unstable development release: Bugzilla 3.1.3.
The Bugzilla 3.1.x series will culminate in the release of Bugzilla 3.2.

In addition to various useful bug fixes compared to 3.1.2,
Bugzilla 3.1.3 contains major new features, such as an improved user interface, new custom field types, and very experimental support for Oracle.

Please note that if you install Bugzilla on Oracle, you currently cannot upgrade--you will have to do a fresh install to get to any future version of Bugzilla.

Here are some highlights:
  • Bugzilla now has experimental support for Oracle databases. Please note that you cannot currently upgrade an Oracle database. That is, if you install Bugzilla on Oracle, you will have to drop the entire database to upgrade to any new version. This will probably be fixed before the final release of 3.2.
  • The user interface for editing bugs has been redesigned. It will be even better in the final release of Bugzilla 3.2.
  • Huge performance and memory improvements for mod_perl users (same fix that was in 3.0.3.)
    Incoming bugmail is now converted to UTF-8.
  • Bugzilla now uses transactions instead of locking the database tables.
  • Various LDAP handling improvements.
  • Plugins can now extend the Webservice interface.
  • There's now a tool to auto-install missing Perl packages on non-Windows systems. It can install to a local directory, so you don't even have to be root or modify your system's Perl installation.
  • Mid-Air Collision protection for attachments.
  • Many useless intermediate pages have been removed, especially in admin pages.
  • You can now add comments to bugs using XML-RPC.
  • New custom field type: Date/Time field, with a JavaScript widget for picking a date.
  • You can now reverse the sort of a buglist by clicking on a header twice.
  • Bugzilla's support for multi-byte languages has greatly improved. We did this by making Bugzilla treat strings as "characters" instead of as "bytes."

The New User Experience Team

Bugzilla now has a User Experience Team that focuses on improving Bugzilla's user interface and the general experience that users have. The user interface has always been one of the weakest point of the Bugzilla application.

The New Localization Team

Bugzilla now has a team of contributors that focuses on making Bugzilla easier to localize. They are currently researching what things need to be done to improve Bugzilla's localizability.

As one of the project administrators for the Dutch localization ( I'm very interested in what they will come up with. I found the current way of doing localization rather "non standard". This needs some good tooling!

I edited the Wiki list of the current localization maintainers and added the Bugzilla-nl project.



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