Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blogger hack

I was requested by moonflowerdragon in this comment to explain how I'm posting the links to Blogger.

See my Google Page with this Blogger/Perl hack.


moonflowerdragon said...

Thanks Peter

Unfortunately the link is an application - Firefox asks me what I want to open it with and I don't know. Could you tell me more?

Niki said...


Can you help me for posting images....via SMTP mail..details below.

I am using an SMTP Relay to send messages via an ASP script to Blogger blog. But I cant find a way to publish images by that.

I use an HTML type posting with images embedded via src=cid: in my HTML post, but the images dont appear.

I however found that....Invite friend option on sends the embeded images successfully via email and those posting appear properly in BLOG.

Do you know or let me know ... what modifications in my HTML or Script[Any PHP or ASP] do I need to do to either embed or attach the file that it automatically gets saved and displayed on blog..via blogger server.

I tried src=cid method but that appears to fail.

Pls help n reply me in plain txt only without attachments.

Awaiting your repsonse


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