Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vista Gadget AudioSwitch

I bought a wireless audio transmitter on holiday in France Hi-Fi Environ from NGS. I paid only E 19 for this.  I need to switch my Audio output on a regular basis now. It needs to be toggled from my desktop speakers to the NGS USB Audio device that transmits my iTunes output to my surround system.

In Vista this can be done in several ways, but all involve 3 or more menu choices.
In the public domain there are a number of freeware programs for this, but all seem to have problems on Vista.

The most promising was Vista Audio Changer.
I installed this but was not able to make it work because I run a Dutch Vista and the algorithm used seems not to like this and I was not able to make it work under Vista NL. I reported this to the author but got no reaction.

After leaving the subject alone for a while I continued my search and stumbled upon


I little gadget for Vista that was easy customizable for Vista NL. The only problem I was struggling with for a while was the fact that according to the instructions I had to place the executable file in the system32 directory. The gadget worked but everytime the Vista security kicked in and asked for permission. I placed the file in a directory of its own c:\Audioswitch and changed the gadget code and now it works like a charm.

It must be noted that the Vista Audio Changer seems more feature rich especially that feature that you can switch based on an application is something you want. Hopefully I can try this out when I can make it work.

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