Sunday, December 10, 2006

Community solution requirements


  • Application, database, and security best practices
  • Microsoft recommended best practices for password management
  • Highly granular permissions allow for control over all user aspects
  • No write permission required in web site directory
  • Ability to create secure private communities
  • Support for anonymous user profiles
  • Delegated permissions system
  • Auto-login
  • Evict online active users to force re-login
  • Configurable HTML filters to prevent Cross Site Script Injection (XSS) attacks


  • No artificial limits or governors
  • Server based perpetual licensing
  • Free Community License (with restrictions)
  • Flexible commercial licenses

Installation and Setup

  • Web based Installation Wizard
  • Web based administration and management
  • Full source (available as separate download)
  • 100% Microsoft .NET code (No COM, Java, or other formats)
  • Designed for multiple language support

Performance and Scalability

  • Designed from the ground-up for multi-server configurations (web farms)
  • Proven performance and scalability
  • Implements ASP.NET Caching best practices
  • Abstract, extendable data layer
  • Designed for growth
  • Innovative background processing system
  • Integrated error reporting
  • No dependencies on ASP.NET Session state


  • Full source code (available through separate download)
  • Event driven programmable "pipeline"
  • Add-on modules for extending capabilities
  • Pluggable authentication/authorization stack


  • Theme driven customization
  • Use of style sheets (CSS) to drive look-and-feel
  • Over 90 ASP.NET Server controls for declarative programming

Content Publishing

  • Syndication support using RSS 2.0
  • Receive all messages through email
  • Email subscriptions to a topic
  • Email other members privately
  • Message other members via "Private Messages"
  • Global administration email notifications

Banning and Moderation

  • Easily ban users by email, date range, or IP address
  • Optionally enable per-user moderation levels
  • Email moderators for moderation actions
  • Audit history for all moderator/workflow actions
  • Users can edit or delete posts for a period of time or indefinitely
  • Moderation privileges are assignable
  • Comment moderation


  • Rich WYSIWYG editor (no special codes or HTML knowledge required)
  • Extensible base class model for easily supporting any database
  • Registration process emails user new password
  • Topic rating and sorting
  • Sort by date, author, last viewed, date range ...
  • Track posts read and unread
  • Printer friendly versions of messages
  • Specify an icon when posting with a message
  • View member actions and where they are online
  • Quote messages in posts
  • Type emoticons in the rich editor
  • Users can login with credentials stored in encrypted cookie
  • Users can easily report offensive or objectionable posts to moderators


  • Online status of members
  • Users can upload avatars (automatically resized based on settings)
  • Share email address and IM addresses via user profile
  • Display most active posts or unanswered posts
  • Personalized user signatures
  • Users can select custom themes and can override with custom options (in some cases)
  • Rate posts


  • User statistics show online users and frequent posters
  • User ranking shows activity of users in the community

System Management

  • Single shared user base
  • Merge related topics together
  • Easily split topics into separate discussions
  • Move topics
  • Lock topics to prevent further discussions
  • Easily pin or un-pin a particular topic
  • Edits are tracked and logged
  • Full auditing of all actions performed by users, moderators, and administrators
  • Customizable ranking options
  • Groups and group avatars
  • Email forgotten password
  • Deleted threads go into a recycle bin and are not immediately removed
  • Easily unmoderate user or require moderation on users
  • IP, User, and Email address banning
  • Moderators receive alerts for posts requiring moderation
  • Specify forum auto-delete options
  • Edit members
  • Rich web based systems configuration


  • Highly customized search system for fast searches
  • Tunable searching and weighting algorithm
  • Search results filter based on user permissions
  • Search word highlighting

.NET Developer

  • Over 100,000 lines of C# source code
  • 90+ compiled ASP.NET server controls
  • Foward compatible with ASP.NET 2.0
  • Runs on ASP.NET 2.0 unmodified

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Anonymous said...

Peter, mailde net al maar dit kan natuurlijk ook. heb je nog voorbeelden beschikbaar van sites waar dit is geïntegreerd? Groeten


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