Sunday, February 03, 2008

New bugzilla release 3.1.3

Today the Bugzilla project team released the latest unstable development release: Bugzilla 3.1.3.
The Bugzilla 3.1.x series will culminate in the release of Bugzilla 3.2.

In addition to various useful bug fixes compared to 3.1.2,
Bugzilla 3.1.3 contains major new features, such as an improved user interface, new custom field types, and very experimental support for Oracle.

Please note that if you install Bugzilla on Oracle, you currently cannot upgrade--you will have to do a fresh install to get to any future version of Bugzilla.

Here are some highlights:
  • Bugzilla now has experimental support for Oracle databases. Please note that you cannot currently upgrade an Oracle database. That is, if you install Bugzilla on Oracle, you will have to drop the entire database to upgrade to any new version. This will probably be fixed before the final release of 3.2.
  • The user interface for editing bugs has been redesigned. It will be even better in the final release of Bugzilla 3.2.
  • Huge performance and memory improvements for mod_perl users (same fix that was in 3.0.3.)
    Incoming bugmail is now converted to UTF-8.
  • Bugzilla now uses transactions instead of locking the database tables.
  • Various LDAP handling improvements.
  • Plugins can now extend the Webservice interface.
  • There's now a tool to auto-install missing Perl packages on non-Windows systems. It can install to a local directory, so you don't even have to be root or modify your system's Perl installation.
  • Mid-Air Collision protection for attachments.
  • Many useless intermediate pages have been removed, especially in admin pages.
  • You can now add comments to bugs using XML-RPC.
  • New custom field type: Date/Time field, with a JavaScript widget for picking a date.
  • You can now reverse the sort of a buglist by clicking on a header twice.
  • Bugzilla's support for multi-byte languages has greatly improved. We did this by making Bugzilla treat strings as "characters" instead of as "bytes."

The New User Experience Team

Bugzilla now has a User Experience Team that focuses on improving Bugzilla's user interface and the general experience that users have. The user interface has always been one of the weakest point of the Bugzilla application.

The New Localization Team

Bugzilla now has a team of contributors that focuses on making Bugzilla easier to localize. They are currently researching what things need to be done to improve Bugzilla's localizability.

As one of the project administrators for the Dutch localization ( I'm very interested in what they will come up with. I found the current way of doing localization rather "non standard". This needs some good tooling!

I edited the Wiki list of the current localization maintainers and added the Bugzilla-nl project.


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