Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Links for 2008-02-19

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

RFC 3966 (rfc3966) - The tel URI for Telephone Numbers - This document specifies the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) scheme "tel". The "tel" URI describes resources identified by telephone numbers. This document obsoletes RFC 2806. (tags: URI RFC standards tel voip)

Avaya - IP Softphone Overview - IP Softphone (tags: avaya uc unified communications voip)

K2.net and MOSS Collaboration Distillery: BlackPearl MOSS Governance Case Study - MOSS 2007 has given us tons new features and functionality to assist with governance of content. The following site is a good resource to become familiar with MOSS Governance. However the out of the box functionality can fall short specifically in terms o (tags: sharepoint workflow k2 blackpearl)

About Us | Current Analysis - Current Analysis provides Competitive Response solutions that enable companies to effectively anticipate and counter competitive threats, and win more business. This is achieved through the rapid delivery of tactical, actionable intelligence to help fast- (tags: architecture analysis trends)

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