Saturday, July 28, 2007

Links for 2007-07-28

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

The Open Group Architecture Forum - The Architecture Forum has developed and is evolving a comprehensive enterprise architecture framework to enable businesses to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation, while also taking into consideration the constantly cha (tags: architecture)

Architecture Governance - Architecture governance is the practice and orientation by which enterprise architectures and other architectures are managed and controlled at an enterprise-wide level. Architecture governance typically does not operate in isolation, but within a hierar (tags: architecture)

The Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement :: Zachman Framework :: Enterprise Architecture - The Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA) is a network of information professionals who understand the critical role of Enterprise Architecture in the ability of the enterprise to successfully participate in the global economy of the 21st cen (tags: architecture)

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