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Links for 2007-07-13

Interesting links gathered from all over the Internet

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog : New Whitepaper: Optimizing the Performance of MS Dynamics CRM 3.0 - This white paper discusses how to optimize the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 system. You’ll learn how re-indexing, de-fragmenting, and regularly maintaining your databases can increase the speed with which Microsoft Dynamics CRM accesse (tags: crm performance tuning)

Customer Effective:Â Blog - By default CRM does not add indexes to CRM customized entities. (OK, it adds the primary key but that is it). So if you have a customized entity, and created some views to access this data, and then shove a lot of data into these entites, your users may r (tags: crm custom indexes performance tuning)

UK Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog : Large Scale CRM Customer Deployments & Scalability Benchmarks - In addition to case studies, it is also important to have accurate server hardware sizing for project costing purpose, as well as benchmarking the performance of the system under a representative workload. To help with this task, we will soon be releasing (tags: crm performance indexes tuning)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 updates and hotfixes - The following table lists the updates that have been released for general distribution. To view the specific article that is associated with the update, click the link to see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article that is listed in the table. To download on (tags: crm patches hotfixes)

Download details: Update for Internet Explorer for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (KB923996) - When visiting a Web page that uses a custom pop-up object, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 can close unexpectedly and generate an error in the Mshtml.dll file. (tags: crm ie bugfix patches)

Gustaf's MS CRM & SharePoint Blog: Simple CRM and SharePoint integration example - The integration I created was to automatically create a workspace when a new account was created. The following steps describe how this was made possible: (tags: crm SharePoint2007 sharepoint)

Gustaf's MS CRM & SharePoint Blog: Kerberos / Trust Delegation - As some of you might have experienced the easiest way to deploy MS CRM 3 is to have SQL Server and SQL RS on the same machine, this will let you duck from a lot of problems, so if you don't know better and have no reason not to, choose this setup. (tags: kerberos crm)

BTS Bits : Using Microsoft BizTalk Dynamics CRM Adapter â€" Part 1 - Recently, I have been working on an integration project where few exiting systems were getting integrated with Microsoft CRM System 3.0. We architected to use BizTalk CRM adapter to synchronize and integrate data with CRM system. We could not locate a goo (tags: biztalk crm)

Gustaf's MS CRM & SharePoint Blog: Backup of SharePoint - Backing up SharePoint is not just backing up the databases and hoping for the best. Best Practice is actually using the tool stsadm and create backupfiles that can be then be backed up to tape (or similar). So, how to create a script that takes backup? (tags: sharepoint backup)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog : Released: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3 Server Management Pack for MOM 2005 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Server Management Pack (mp) enables automated monitoring and alerting administrators for some service availability, performance, or configuration issues with Microsoft CRM 3.0 deployment. The MP can be customized to better meet (tags: crm mom)

Customer Effective:Â Microsoft CRM Customization - Microsoft CRM customization is designed for maximum flexibility and low total cost of ownership. Microsoft CRM adapts easily and affordably to meet business and industry-specific needs for mid-market companies. (tags: crm)

Download details: Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit - The Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 3.0 Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit is a tool that was created by the Microsoft® CRM product team to formalize performance testing of Microsoft CRM 3.0. This toolkit facilitates load testing for particular customer sc (tags: crm)

Over View - Microsoft CRM creates over 120 entities when you install the software, and you can add an almost unlimited number of custom attributes to the customizable entities. However, you will most likely want to track business data that does not fit neatly into on (tags: crm)

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