Sunday, July 12, 2009

Links for 2009-07-12

How to Determine the True Cost of Microsoft SharePoint - - Business Technology Leadership -
SharePoint has unquestionably garnered a lot of attention from business users and IT. Toby Bell, Gartner Inc.'s research vice president, calls SharePoint 2007 "nothing short of a phenomenon." He says the growing number of searches for SharePoint on indicates high interest in the product and some confusion about its value. more...
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Get Off of My Cloud: Private Cloud Computing Takes Shape -
Private cloud computing is a different take on the mainstream version, in that smaller, cloudlike IT systems within a firewall offer similar services, but to a closed internal network. This network may include corporate or division offices, other companies that are also business partners, raw-material suppliers, resellers, production-chain entities and other organizations intimately connected with a corporate mothership. more...
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