Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SOA Governance

SOA Governance

The purpose of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance is to ensure that the investments in SOA deployments made by the organization deliver the anticipated benefits both in the short term and throughout their entire lifetime. SOA is intended to be a long-term architecture, so it is reasonable to expect that some of the resources being deployed now will be in use for decades.

SOA governance therefore entails design-time procedures and best practices that deliver services with the best business fit, and with due consideration to the reuse of services by subsequent projects.

Key issues:

  • SOA cannot be planned and implemented by IT on its own, but must be a collaborative effort between business and IT.
  • Technology-driven SOA projects are unlikely to enjoy the degree of reuse that SOA should enable, due to the lack of emphasis on designing services around business fit.
  • Although supporting technologies will be needed, it is more important to put in place the organizational structure and to ensure the right people are put in the right roles.
  • The resources dedicated to SOA governance need to be kept proportionate to the extent of the SOA deployment, the rate of change experienced, and the degree of risk to which it is exposed.

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