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Links for 2010-08-29

Perl-XML Frequently Asked Questions -
3.18."could not find ParserDetails.ini" A number of people have reported encountering the error "could not find ParserDetails.ini in ..." when installing or attempting to use XML::SAX. ParserDetails.ini is used by XML::SAX::ParserFactory to determine which SAX parser modules are installed. It should be created by the XML::SAX installation script and should be updated automatically by the install script for each SAX parser module. If you are installing XML::SAX manually you must run Makefile.PL. Unpacking the tarball and copying the files into your Perl lib directory will not work. During the initial installation, if you are asked whether ParserDetails.ini should be updated, always say yes. If you say no, the file will not be created. If you are using ActivePerl, the following command should resolve the problem: ppm install Once you have successfully installed XML::SAX, you should consider installing a module such as XML::SAX::Expa more...
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Yummy - iPhone Apps, iPad apps & iPod touch App Reviews -
Yummy synchronises all your bookmarks with your iPhone or iPod touch, allowing you to quickly browse or search for them. It is also a convenient way to add, edit and delete bookmarks all within one application more...
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Tasty - iPhone Apps, iPad apps & iPod touch App Reviews -
succont is delighted to introduce Tasty 1.0, their native Delicious client for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Designed specifically to leverage the iPhone’s unique abilities and interface, Tasty offers an easy and convenient way to manage Delicious bookmarks from anywhere. Tasty fully integrates the capabilities of the Delicious web interface into the iPhone experience, offering users the best of both worlds. Each bookmark will display its title, additional description and even Favicons are supported. more...
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