Sunday, May 25, 2008

Feature checklist document scanning

  1. Unlimited number of scans
  2. Unlimited scanning speed (20 -> 250 ppm)
  3. Import files from CD/DVD
  4. Import files from directory or network location
  5. Import files from copier or multi-function with scan function
  6. Automatic importing (Watched Folder support)
  7. Single- and double sided scanning (simplex/duplex)
  8. Unattended (one-button) scanning support
  9. Network scanning support
  10. ISIS scanning support
  11. Kofax VRS scanning support
  12. Color, B&W and grayscale scanning
  13. Automatic image enhancement
  14. Image manipulation (zoom, rotate, etc)
  15. Blank page recognition and removal
  16. Support for rescanning or adding documents
  17. Batch-level barcode recognition
  18. Page-level barcode recognition
  19. Multiple barcode recognition per page
  20. Display of barcode values
  21. Automatic document splitting into partials / regions
  22. Automatic page splitting
  23. Continues / non-stop scanning
  24. Varying number of pages per document
  25. Automatic OCR text recognition (128 languages)
  26. OCR text recognition on document zones
  27. Unrestricted definition of index fields
  28. Manual Index data-entry
  29. Default value definition for index fields
  30. Drop-down listboxes definition for index fields
  31. Validatie mask definition for index fields
  32. Check-boxes definition for index fields
  33. Database lookups on own databases definition for index fields
  34. Direct access to SharePoint fields, such as choice and list/lookup fields
  35. Automatic indexing
  36. Indexing fully keyboard controlled
  37. Multiple index/metadata sets per document
  38. Convert document to TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or Searchable PDF
  39. Export indexes/metadata to XML or CSV
  40. Export indexes/data to SQL database
  41. Scan to CD/DVD for distributie
  42. Scan to printer
  43. Scan to e-mail
  44. Send to multiple tagets in one release
  45. Send to local directory
  46. Send to network directory
  47. Send to ftp / sftp server
  48. Send to http / https server
  49. Send to external DMS / WFM systems
  50. Send to MS SharePoint Server 2003
  51. Send to MS SharePoint Server 2007

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