Saturday, August 25, 2007

New release Bugzilla

Today the Bugzilla project has four releases!
  • 3.0.1 is the first bug-fix release for the 3.0 series. 3.0 was very stable, but 3.0.1 adds a lot of little polish fixes that greatly improves the experience of using Bugzilla.

  • 3.1.1 is the first development release toward Bugzilla 3.2. It has a huge number of new features, but is EXTREMELY UNSTABLE. It has not been tested, and should not be used in a production environment. It may fail in critical ways, or destroy your data. However, it is useful as a feature preview and for testing purposes.

Have a look.

For the newest release at last there will be some inprovements in the stylesheets you can choose to activate this be using a different custom skin.

Old skin:

New skin:

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