Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bluetooth WIDDCCOM installation


I updated Windows XP with SP2 (Service Pack 2) and Bluetooth does not work anymore.
my bluetooth will not work on Windows XP with SP2 (Service Pack 2) because on SP2 Windows has added its own free Bluetooth utility which is not compatible and will conflict with my bluetooth utility.


To work around this issue and to successfully install the Bluetooth driver/utility that come with the adapter, Try this:
If you already have the Utility installed form the CD, you need to remove it now from the Windows Add and Remove Program
Unplug the bluetooth device from the computer.
Create new folder name Bluetooth on your desktop.
Click Start,
click Run, type %windir%\inf in the Open box, and then click OK.
Move all files which has a name: Bth -- to the Bluetooth folder you created on the desktop.
Right click on My Computer and bring up Manage.
Click on the plus sign next to Services and Applications.
Click on Services.
On the right hand pane, right click on Bluetooth Support Service and click Stop
Run the installation CD.
When the "No Bluetooth device detected..." error message
windows pop up, plug the bluetooth device into the working USB port.
(keep re-plugging on different ports if necessary) untill the "Found New Hardware
Wizard" will pop up, and then keep click "Next" to finish up the installation.
click "OK" on the "No Bluetooth device detected..." error message windows.
The "WIDCOM Bluetooth software - Installation Shield Wizard" will continue to complete the installation.
If the Windows' Bluetooth-utility is not running, there should be only one Bluetooth icon you see in the task bar;
right click on it and select "Start using Bluetooth Device".
The "B" sign inside the Bluetooth icon should turn to white color.
Now if you look at the services there should two Bluetooth services:
1. Bluetooth Service
2. Bluetooth Support Service
Double click the "Bluetooth Support Service"(2) and change the "Startup type" to "Manual" and click "Apply".


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